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Virtual Reality training


Virtual Reality offers many opportunities in the field of simulating difficult situations. For emergency services we have created virtual stress situations, in which the actions in those situations can be trained. 

We utilize VRe-learning to effectively train employees. For instance recognizing signals of a specific illness or handling aggression. With Virtual Reality, flexible training environments are created, in which literally everything is possible.


VR-ambulance experience

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Virtual Reality training

  • Train quick and easily in different situations
  • Immersive experience
  • Cost effective

Recognizing illnesses

As a doctor you should be able to identify the various diseases. That is absolutely not an easy task. With Virtual Reality, upcoming doctors are being prepared for their professional life. There are thousands of diseases, but how do you recognize each and one of them?

Dealing with aggression

How can a police officer effectively deal with aggression? A 360 degrees video with interactive elements provides the ultimate training. As a police officer you are in the middle of an escalated situation. You have three ways to respond. A, B or C. Which option do you choose? What is the impact of that choice? And on what should you focus? With Virtual Reality police officers are being prepared effectively to deal with aggression.


Are you thinking of using a Virtual Reality e-learning? That’s brilliant. A 360 degrees video, combined with interactive elements ensures an ultimate training. Employees are being submerged in real-life situations. The result? Major impact. The videos can be used for multiple purposes, for example presentations and demonstration’s. Employees of other departments can also follow the training program, to foster understanding and empathy among colleagues.

  • Virtual Reality
  • VRe-learning
  • Immersive